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We're really excited to show you the work we've passionately carried out to create The Twelve Hotel and turn it into the centre of the community of Bearna and the heart of the West of Ireland. The Twelve Hotel is more than a place to eat and sleep. We open our doors to hearts and minds - especially those who enjoy culture, fun, comforts and great culinary experiences.

When we first started on the project, we fell in love with the village of Bearna and the history 'The Twelve Pins' had amassed dating all the way back to the 1800's. A perfect starting point, we thought, to create a hotel at the crossroads, where history and tradition meet luxury and style. Hence, the brief: 'Though the exterior will reflect the strength and character of its Irish history, the interior will be of a refined elegance, a stylish sense of comfort and design pervading throughout.'

We then agreed that a spin on the name of the hotel was necessary so as to signify its evolution. "Let's take the hotel out of the hotel" we proclaimed.

And so The Twelve dream began. With a team of amazing people, a considerable budget for the thoughtful project (including the building of a terrific wine collection), and an overdose of passion, enthusiasm and hard work - we spent a year creating an environment that allows for new ways of seeing things, caters to many diverse breeds of guest (and dog) and places culinary delights at the top of the menu.

It's a tough gig we aim to pull off - there are numerous contradictions within the project. For example, it's a place where corporate guests would go on a retreat yet it offers the very latest in technological goodies; it caters to families but attracts singles drawn to Galway's nightlife; it offers pampering and well being mixed with culinary adventures, a place where the healthful coexist with the decadent, where the elderly are rejuvenated and the young feel mature; it's a place where the gaelic speaking locals sip on their beverage of choice; a place where designer furniture shares the spotlight with specially commissioned artworks, video projection screens and a classic lounge bar; a place with economically priced, yet beautiful and intriguing guest rooms and suites; a place where trad music acts coexist with a kick ass restaurant; a place that does not offer the common mini bar but instead a full cocktail wet bar; a place which is the ideal setting for a lavish wedding or a freshly baked soda bread; a place known as a boutique inspired hotel designed for a local neighborhood which welcomes pets! Yes, these are beautiful contradictions indeed.

We've always appreciated the places that aim to make you feel at home, the places that aim to inspire and push the boundaries and in so doing are sometimes non conformist. We relate.

In essence, The Twelve is fun, quirky, elegant, tasteful, luxurious, cheeky, open to ideas, lacking in pretense, where service matters and simple yet complex. We hope you'll enjoy the home that we've created in an urban ruralness. We also hope you stay true to your own passions and dreams.

See you around,

The Twelve
( Fergus, Manon, Marie, Cherlanne, Connor, Fiona, Martin, Colm, Brendan  and the many passionate people helping to make the dream a reality) xx

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Awards - AA & Rosette Wild Atlantic Way Wild Atlantic Way The Twelve - only minutes from Galway City Centre at the gateway to Connemara