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Wild Atlantic Way

Recently recommended by McKennas' Top 100 Guides as a top place to stay and eat during your trip to the West of Ireland on The Wild Atlantic Way, The Twelve Hotel features award winning restaurants as well as Boutique 4 star luxury hotel rooms.

The Twelve is very proud to be a part of the terrific local food movement in Galway.

Like wine long ago, foods have acquired the terroir of place and meaning. There's a story behind our food, and we're
becoming obsessed with it. Irish agritourism is bubbling up any place where rich farmland is close to a city, and the farmers are growing real food and n the outlets in which to sell their produce. We have all of this in spades in Galway

As a visitor approaches Galway, one can look over the little river city that has captured the imagination of
food-obsessed tourists. Circumstances conspired here against bland and industrial eating. A thousand salmon swim through the downtown every fall, its coastline simmers with mackerel in the spring and its neighbouring farms have two DOCc for their world famous lamb —how could it not be a food city? It is also one of the youngest cities in Ireland, demographically due to its university and culinary tourism college and is thus crowded with Generation Food, the snout-to-tail eaters in their twenties and thirties who went home from a restaurant one night vowing to make goat cheese for the rest of their lives.

 Galway has reached a critical mass of these discerning and idealistic eaters, enough to keep a dizzying array of
innovative restaurants in business, and the city has more food markets than supermarkets! Much of the agritourism boom in the West has been driven by these upscale urban diners demanding something more than the usual restaurant
experience. Chefs from as a far afield as as New Zealand and Japan have brought their skills to the culinary landscape. 

Galway has an eclectic assortment of restaurants, farms, artisan producers, inns and micro brewers. We are all
working together to create something far greater than the sum of our parts. The development of the Wild Atlantic Way will create 'a shopping isle' for tourists to experience our agritourism. Galway has the opportunity to prove that a city
can nurture appetites that in turn renew the rural areas close around it.

Visitors to Galway are often surprised at the variety and vast culinary experience on offer. From sushi to stews, air
dried meats to atlantic char, patatas bravas, wood fire pizzas and authentic Asian experiences, culture and diversity have provided our visitors with a gastronomic adventure.

Those working in the food industry in Galway not only feed our visitors we ‘host’ them. Throughout the city and
suburbs of Galway visitors will recall stories of going for a ‘bite to eat’ and finding themselves at a local music session or a séan-nos sing along. Food is the daily sustenance in which we take pleasure, and this culture is shared with friends and visitors to our city. 

Galway stands out not only because of the abundance of choice but because we, participants in the food sector, strive
to be better.  We cannot assume everyone coming to Galway will have a ‘culinary adventure’ however we work consistently
at enhancing the culinary adventure and must continue to do so, there is no room for complacency in food tourism. As a result , this new emerging identity and culture is evolving around the city and the visitor must definitely is the winner!
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