The 12 is 12

The 12 is 12

The 12 is 12 - a year of celebration at The Twelve

2019 will be a very special year for The Twelve as it’s the year that we celebrate our 12th birthday - the year 12is12.

As we never like to do things by halves (or half dozens), rather than have one big shindig on the date the hotel opened its doors for business for the very first time, instead we are going to spend the entire year - the whole twelve months! - celebrating 12is12.

We will be spending our 12is12 year focusing on all the things we love - food and wine of course, music too, friendships and partnerships, our super-important guests and our equally welcome doggy friends.

There will be parties and pop-ups, festivals and fabulous food. We’ll be praising our producers, putting our amazing staff front and centre, counting our blessings and blessing our counters with exciting new 12is12 birthday brews and brilliant 12is12 pizzas and cocktails. Our friends upstairs in West will be wowing with new dishes, and we’ll have some niche events and fun times where we can flash a little of the expertise and the pleasure in minding people that has made us an award-winning hotel with a very big heart.

12is12 is our birthday year theme, so please keep an eye out for all kinds of celebratory events under the 12is12 headline and as hashtag #12is12 on our social channels - we hope you can join the party.