Le Petit Spa is now open to the public

Friday, 06 December 2013
Voya spa treatments in Le Petit Spa have proved really popular with guests of The Twelve Hotel, so popular in fact that The Twelve have decided to extend the service, refurbish Le Petit Spa and officially launch Le Petit Spa to the public, so the ladies and gentlemen of Galway and nearby areas can now avail of this pampering haven also.

Le Petit Spa is the boutique spa option at The Twelve, which uses wonderful Voya products, treatments and techniques to relax you, revitalise your skin and hair, and leave you feeling restored and renewed.

As The Twelve loves to work with like-minded people and is well-known for supporting local products and artisans, they have selected Voya for Le Petit Spa because of their commitment to sustainability, their dedication to research and because seaweed, with its amazing properties, is probably the only truly indigenous and historic Irish spa therapy.

Based on carefully harvested Irish seaweed, Voya make pure and simple beauty and skincare products, produced with integrity, which are also potent and effective, all while being a luxurious pleasure to use. Voya products are already to be found in the bathrooms throughout The Twelve, so the use of Voya in Le Petit Spa is an ideal continuation of an existing partnership.

Both Voya and The Twelve share a similar focus on excellence, finesse and enjoyment, and both love to use the natural ingredients found in their beautiful part of the world to their best effect, so it’s a natural fit. 

With a range of gorgeously indulgent therapies suitable for both men and women, a treatment in Le Petit Spa means you are the entire focus of the experience, and during your spa time this is your own private spa, and yours alone. 

As a guest, you can make a booking at Le Petit Spa – your private spa at The Twelve – through reception at the hotel, and a therapist will come to your room to bring you to Le Petit Spa, or if you have chosen to have one of the delectable Voya baths in your room, the Bath Butler will prepare the experience for you there. 

As a non-resident, Le Petit Spa is also a day spa, so guests are welcome to contact The Twelve to book one of the divine Voya therapies too.

After a full consultation to ensure your Voya at Le Petit Spa experience is perfect for you, choose from the menu of bespoke treatments, and harmonise the mind to the body with one of the unique blends of Voya tea.

After your treatment in Le Petit Spa, there is a new selection of lighter fare available at The Twelve to complement the launch – Le Petit Spa Cuisine – presenting light and healthy dining options with a special refreshing and healthful selection of dishes. Changing seasonally, the menu reflects the best current thinking in nutrition 
and is ideal to enjoy after an relaxing Voya seaweed treatment. 

Voya and The Twelve bring the perfect blend of Irish excellence and spa finesse to Le Petit Spa, the new boutique spa option at The Twelve

For bookings contact:
The Twelve Hotel
Bearna Village
Tel: 091 597000