You Are In Safe Hands at The Twelve

You Are In Safe Hands at The Twelve

The same Twelve but a little different

The Twelve, It has always been about you. We have always wanted you to feel safe and now we want to take even more care of you. So, that has not changed. 

What has changed is the world around us.

So, we have adapted to health and safety guidelines and made some changes and all without compromising on your comfort. 

We’ve changed small details about your arrival to minimize physical contact with people and public surfaces, while providing that safe and welcoming experience that we are renowned for.

All rooms and suites are super spring cleaned, sanitised and fogged with a lot of love before you arrive to The Twelve. We're upping the cleaning levels and adding extra sparkle to public or frequent contact spaces: Including Reception, The Lobby, Lifts, Entrance, Handrails, Bathrooms, Food & Beverage Areas and outdoor Seating Areas.

We use a very special product to do this which is in keeping with our Green Hotel Policy. Our Green Clean stabilised aqueous ozone (SAO) - is safe for our team and guests - with no toxic chemicals present – It is 100% environmentally friendly and reduces the use of plastics and is proven to it kill Corona virus
GREENClean Tersano is a revolutionary & environmentally safe methodology of cleaning that reduces chemical use by up to 100% whilst reducing air pollution and improving the environmental credentials of our business – It also Cleans and Sanitises in one – supporting our fight against Covid 19!
GreenClean Tersano is: Dermatologically tested and Hypoallergenic
A clinically proven surface disinfectant
Approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Recommended for long term use – non irritating / gentler on the skin / safe on all parts ofthe body
Suitable from birth and Safe for use on food

We’ve also taken away all unnecessary touchpoints. If it’s not needed; it’s gone. Measures and markers are popped in place to remind you not to get to close to other lovely people.

All public spaces have hand sanitiser stations in place, BUT NOT JUST ANY HAND SANTISER. We have always worked closely with Micil, a boutique distillery based beside us who are famous for their poitin and gin. No stranger to the effects that Covid-19 has had on businesses around the country, the Micil family, who have been distilling poitín for over 170 years, were faced with the difficult decision to pause the production of their hand-crafted spirits for the first time since 1848. The action was taken as part of an effort to free up the distillery’s supply of alcohol and begin manufacturing antibacterial sanitiser to assist in the fight against Covid-19.
Although Micil Distillery do not have the production facilities of larger manufacturers, and are producing, bottling and labelling all their sanitiser by hand at the distillery in Salthill, they remain committed to keeping their reputation for quality in whatever they produce.

You’re in safe hands

Our team are trained to follow HSE Guidelines and sanitation procedures and we have been independently trained and assessed to the highest standards.

Le petit spa

Our petit spa specialises in seaweed based treatments using the finest Voya products from our friends in Strandhill, Co. Sligo. Our therapists are trained in all of the new hygiene measures and will be wearing PPE. It is most advisable to book your time in le petit spa prior to your arrival as times for treatments will be limited.

We are so looking forward to having you join us at The Twelve.

The Twelve Team X

Guest Journey

Here’s what your journey as our guest will be like…

Prior to your arrival

To adhere to social distancing guidelines, you must book your breakfast before you arrive. You can also book an in-room breakfast or dining experience whilst here. Dinner bookings are most advisable in West and The Pins operates a 'walk-in' policy.

Bookings must also be made in advance for our petit spa.

Some of the most popular treatments are a Hot Herbal Bag Massage or an Organic Seaweed Leaf Wrap. The full brochure is here >>

Your room is stocked with all you need to make your own seaweed bath as well.

This is also the time for you to consider having some of our #BrownBagCocktails ordered for placement in your room prior to your arrival. You can also choose between two types of minimart stock to be placed in your room:- ‘All the Family Essentials or What a Couple Needs’. Please note this service carries an extra charge.

We hope you have had a wonderful stay with us and as always, ‘We are listening’.
If you have feedback which you want to share with us, please email or complete our ‘We miss you already’ email which you will receive a few days later.

Thank you for placing your trust in us and we look forward to seeing you again soon. 

The Twelve Team XX