World Wine Recognition for The Twelve

Friday, 25 July 2014

TheTwelve continue their winning streak as Upstairs @ West wins Ireland’s onlyWine Spectator Award!


 The only restaurant in Ireland to win a Wine Spectator Awardfor 2014, and for the seventh year in a row, Upstairs @ West has been honouredby Wine Spectator Magazine with yet another award for their comprehensive winelist. The Twelve in Bearna is making a winning habit of blazing trails, pickingup praise and amassing awards! Upstairs @ West at The Twelve Hotel in Bearna are celebratingyet another Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, designed to recogniserestaurants whose wine lists offer interesting selections, are appropriate totheir cuisine and appeal to a wide range of wine lovers, from one of theworld’s foremost and best-respected authorities on wine, Wine Spectatormagazine. Testing and rating wines and restaurant wine lists all over the worldfor over thirty years, Wine Spectator’s Restaurant Wine List Awards honours theworld’s very best wine lists.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Passionate about both food and wine, the general manager,sommelier and man responsible for West’s terrific wine list, Fergus O’Hallorangraduated as Canada’s top Sommelier in 1997 from The International SommelierGuild of Canada, and is noted for his exceptional food and wine pairings. Workingside by side with head chef Martin O’Donnell, Fergus has created a wine list tocompliment and accentuate the locally sourced produce seen on menu at West. “Our wine list in West is allabout giving our guests choice and accessibility to a variety of enjoyablewines ,” saysFergus. “As well as picking something tocomplement their meal, guests are also learning about new grapes and varieties.Our philosophy is to make wine affordable, interesting and informative. We arevery proud of all the wine accolades we have won for doing this and willcontinue to bring the most exciting wines from around the globe to our littleboutique hotel here in Bearna.” 

 Raise a glass of something cold and bubbly or an oaky glassof Cabernet- whatever you tipple- head to The Twelve and toast yet anotherAward of Excellence!