Stout 1. Has Arrived

Friday, 23 June 2017
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Known for a remarkable,award-winning selection of wines, The Twelve branches out with their own bespoke stout, Stout 1


The Twelve has won every wine award going, and their cocktails are exemplary too, but now their focus has shifted to craft beer with the usual levels of innovation and insistence on doing things their own way.

 Introducing Stout 1, The Twelve’s own bespoke stout, which was created in partnership with The Bogman of Spiddal River Brewery and is available on tap in The Pins at The Twelve.

 This is a lovely rich stout with hints of coffee, chocolate and a distinctive salty note – creamy, smooth and a little smoky. Since introducing it initially the recipe has been tweaked a touch, refining the level of sea salt in the recipe to the point it is now – and making it the number one selling draught at The Twelve!

 Naturally, staff at The Twelve take their usual playful approach to all things serious, and if you don’t fancy drinking a full pint of Stout 1, you can always try it in one of chef Martin O’Donnell’s dessert creations in West using this distinctive bespoke stout. Stout 1 Dessert? Delicious.

 “Everyone who tries it loves it,” says Fergus O’Halloran,general manager of The Twelve and award-winning sommelier, “to the point that we have actually made Stout 1 our most popular draught here at The Twelve. It competes with 14 other beers on tap, the majority of which are local craft beers and it has swayed many Guinness drinkers. Albeit, Stout 1 tastes nothing like Guinness – he is very much his own man! After we develop our winter batch,we intend to bottle it too.”

 Served in its own branded glassware, priced at €4.30 per pint, the latest batch of Stout 1 is now available on tap at The Twelve.