The West Ice Cream in the World

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

And the bride wore…Gelato? The Twelve dazzles once again with The West Ice Cream in the World,perfect for fun wedding parties


Officially launched to muchacclaim over the summer months, The Twelve has created a range of exceptionalhomemade ice cream, made in the kitchens of West at The Twelve, called –modestly, of course – The West Ice Cream in the World.

 In an impressively bold rangeof delicious flavours, this luxury premium artisan ice cream is hand made insmall batches using whole milk and cream, is gluten free unless stated, anduses natural ingredients only, meaning no artificial flavourings or colours.

 As a fun add-on to anywedding party, The Twelve offers The West Ice Cream in The World service forwedding receptions in the hotel or elsewhere, when they will ‘pull up on thebike’ – the ice cream bike, laden with delectable, innovative flavours ofsorbets and ice creams.  

 These are ice creams forgrown-ups with a kid’s sense of fun – more Willy Wonka than the seaside conesof your childhood, that’s for sure. There are boozy ice creams like the Stout 1flavour made using The Twelve’s own bespoke stout, with hints of coffee,chocolate and a distinctive salty note – a mouth-watering creamy, smoothice-cream with a hint of smokiness.

 Or the fabulous combinationof Bertha’s Revenge Milk Gin and cookie dough, or thehas-to-be-tasted-to-be-believed kick of 12-day rum soaked raisins, or punchy,clean local Galway Gin. Chef has also put a typically fun and tasty twist onother local flavours with options such as salted dillisk caramel, local Furbostrawberry with foraged elderflower, Cuinneóg butter, and chocolate and urbangarden mint.

 With 10 different artisan icecreams and sorbets currently on the menu and new specials added all the time,if you have a particular favourite flavour or recipe The Twelve will bedelighted to make a batch for your wedding or party.

 The Twelve Bakery is alreadyrenowned for creating spectacular wedding cakes, using contemporary cake art tomake memorable masterpieces that amaze. As the centrepiece of a fairytalewedding reception, The Twelve Bakery’s gourmet cakes are entirely custom madeto your specifications. After an in-depth consultation your bespoke creation ismade featuring exciting blends of your chosen flavours, including Belgianchocolate, rich liqueurs and seasonal fruits, and stylish skills with icing anddecoration, making a wedding cake that stands out from the crowd.

 Now with The West Ice Creamin the World bike service available to book through The Twelve Bakery too, youcan add typically Twelve notes of fun, frivolity, funkiness and flavour to anybig bash or small get together.

 Priced at €350 per 50 guests,including toppings such as malt balls, Oreo, mint Aero, Maltesers and winegums, The West Ice Cream in the World is a talking point, a taste sensation anda treat – perfect for brides and grooms who’d love a few scoops of a differenceat their do. It doesn’t have to be a wedding party either – a big birthday, asmall celebration, or really, any given sundae..!


 The Twelve

Bearna Village


Tel: +353-91-597000


The West Ice Cream in theWorld list offlavours:             

·     Bertha’s Revenge Cookie Dough

·     12-day Rum Soaked Raisins

·     Salted Dillisk Caramel

·     Local Furbo Strawberry with Foraged Elderflower

·     Chocolate and Urban Garden Mint

·     Stout 1 Flavour (with The Twelve’s own bespoke stout)

·     Jack Daniels Cookie Dough

·     Garden Mint Mojito

·     Cuinneog

·     Galway Gin