An Exciting New Energy in The Twelve

Saturday, 18 June 2022
The Twelve Management Team

A new team and an exciting new energyat The Twelve,

just in time for the busiest season inyears


Independent,always innovating, constantly curious and creative, The Twelve is the boutiquebeauty in Bearna which has developed a reputation over the years for excellentfood, an unbeatable wine list, and a smart and sustained dependency on localsuppliers.


Part ofthe Twelve’s success has always been, though, with its people. It’s how it beatout multi-million euro hotel launches to win Hotel of the Year in 2018, and howit dealt with the last few challenging years with its spirit of innovation,with cocktails in the post, drive-through dinners, delivery services, onlinewine clubs, a new outdoor dining space in Nóin, and a host of other ideasdelivered by the team that kept the place busy and buzzing.


Passionateabout both food and wine, and the driving force behind the innovativecombination of local advocacy and customer service at The Twelve, the generalmanager and sommelier Fergus O’Halloran is delighted to announce an excitingnew line-up at The Twelve with five new staff members joining The Twelve family.


With anew head chef in West, Nathan Hindmarsh, there is also a new Deputy GeneralManager, Patrick Kennedy, Food & Beverage Manager Vick Jhurry who makes awelcome return to The Twelve, and a new Manager in Training role, filled forthe first time by Gemma Moloney.


“Everyone of our new recruits will bring something special to The Twelve,” saysFergus. “Technically a small boutique hotel, the Twelve is now a village and we’vealways loved punching above our weight! A lot of hospitality businesses, goodor otherwise, talk about how crucial their staff are to them. We don’t evenreally see the people who work with us at The Twelve as staff. We are an actualcommunity, colleagues — we are friends and family. That allows us then to mindour guests and customers properly, as they are in our house.”