Voya at The Twelve

Voya at The Twelve


Voya Seaweed Baths began in Sligo in 1912 and live on here today at The Twelve. Seaweed baths have been popular for centuries and now we bring their curative effects to you in our range of certified organic seaweed health and beauty products direct from Voya.
The Walton family who are one of the few people entrusted with a seaweed harvesting license, carefully and sustainably harvest this seaweed by hand everyday in an area of unsurpassable pristine and natural beauty. Seaweed baths are Ireland's only indigenous spa therapy and have been used for generations as a treatment for numerous skin conditions, for relaxation and as a beauty therapy.

So, during your stay at The Twelve hotel, one of the most relaxing hotels, please pamper yourself with these wonderful organic ingredients.

Should you wish to take the experience home, gift packs of this truly unique product that is hard to find are available for you to purchase at reception. 

Why not try one of our wild seaweed baths in the comfort of your own room.Our bath butler will prepare a wonderful experience for you.

In ancient times the Greeks and Romans believed that bathing in seaweed was highly beneficial. It is known that it has curative and therapeutic properties as it enables the body to absorb minerals and trace elements while at the same time eliminating toxins and impurities. The seaweed has a wonderful extra dimension as it is responsible for 70% of oxygen in the atmosphere. It stores many minerals and trace elements as well as antibacterial agents such as iodine during its growth and it also contains natural oils which are released by the heat of the bathwater. These oils are absorbed into the skin, leaving it supple, rejuvenated and moisturized. Studies have confirmed that seaweed bathing helps reduce stress and relieves certain skin conditions. It is also helpful for the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis, in the treatment of some circulatory problems, and eases backache or aching muscles. Above all, the healing powers of the sea help restore the balance needed by the body to promote well being and vitality.  PLEASE ENJOY!